Organic Farming

Organic farming is a popular pursuit for many landholders interested in sustainable production.

Going organic is a complex concept and becoming accredited is a rigorous process but taking on a few lessons can deliver great results. Before you decide whether it’s for you, find out more about what being an organic farmer entails such as how to get started.

If you’re currently running an agricultural business, whether it is sugar cane, cattle, fruit or vegetables, you may wish to use organic farming practices. The main area of organic farming we want to focus on is soil health. Underperforming soils cost you money, causing you to apply more fertiliser, water it more and potentially lose a percentage of your quality and yield as a result. Healthy soils are productive soils as they have good soil structure, strong nutrient availability and less disease.

Our Ag Lime supports the yield, quality and consequently profit for the farmer. It noticeably supports crops through stress periods and is natural, organic and has zero residue. For years, farmers have predominantly focussed on crop protection through pesticides and soil balance with fertilisers and those farmers incorporating Ag Lime into their soil have strong levels of active carbon making fertilisers function better upon application.

Our products are 100% Organic, ECO friendly, have a high percentage of calcium with neutralising value being over 100%.


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