Ag Lime, or agricultural lime, is a soil conditioner made from crushed limestone. Ag lime works by dissolving and releasing a base that lowers the acidity of the soil. For crops growing in less-than-ideal acidity conditions, Ag Lime can boost a farmer’s profit potential by providing a number of benefits, including improving fertilizer efficiency by as much as 50 percent.


Common Uses

  • Farmers apply lime to increase crop yields. 

  • Homeowners and landscapers use it to improve the appearance of lawns that have acidic soils.

  • Waterlogged soils.

  • Where seawater or saline groundwater is present.

  • PASS / ASS (acid sulphate soils). 


Want to know 6 benefits of Ag Lime? 

1. Improves the PH level of soil.

2. Promotes better nitrogen fixation with legumes.

3. Increases the availability of nutrients to plants.

4. Reduces toxicities in the soil.

5. Enhances the effectiveness of some herbicides.

6. Supplies calcium, magnesium and other minerals to crops.